My Work in Progress - a Novel.

Coming soon!

A Domestic Suspense Women's Fiction Novel
by Susan Foster
(Image by Susan Foster)

Shhh! 🤫  The title is still a secret. 

It's too early to reveal the title of my work in progress, but am currently editing and revising my debut Domestic Suspense Women's fiction novel. I can't wait for you to read it!  

What I can tell you, right now, is that my main character has some interesting quirks, a lot of childhood baggage, and some very big secrets. Set in Ohio, Montana, and Texas during the early 2000s, the tone is lighthearted and sometimes funny, but thought-provoking. Secrets and suspects galore will keep readers guessing until the end.

Years ago, readers of my lifestyle blog The Most-- of Every Moment met Mindy (my protagonist) in a series of short stories written from word prompts that I posted on that blog. In this novel, her personality and hopes and fears are even more compelling than they were back then, and I think readers will all love getting to know her well.


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