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Why Write?

(Image by Susan Foster) How I Decided to Pursue My Passion for Writing. I wrote this article during my very first freelancing gig, and while I hope my writing skills have improved since then, many of the reasons I began writing still apply today.  Do you write? If so, why? ###     Why Do I Want to Write?  by  Susan Foster  published on  Yahoo Contributor Network  on Dec 4, 2013 I am a nurse, wife, and mother who, - until a decade ago - never gave being an author even a thought. I was content with my days full of work, volunteering, and family. I never even acknowledged that writing was a skill I was proficient at and enjoyed. Recently though, I have spent time wondering if I should commit more effort to writing. But why? I never really have written much. I excelled in my English classes and always did well on written assignments. I enjoy the process of writing, but I am not the type of person who keeps a daily journal or even writes with any regularity. In fact, I have always found muc


(Image by Susan Foster - my writing partners, circa 2018) Welcome to my author website. Connect with me here, too: (Clickable links) On this website you'll find:  information about me, the process and progress of my writing, tips for how to be a better writer, reading suggestions,  a link to my lifestyle blog, where you can learn about making the most of every moment.  (Image by Susan Foster) Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated whenever I post or for news about my new novel. Just add your email here: I'm glad you're here! (Image by Susan Foster)

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