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Writer's Block. It's Not Always What You Think.

(Image by Susan Foster) We usually think of writer's block as a situation when the writer just can't come up with anything to write. But that's not always what's going on. A lack of ideas is not always what stops a writer from writing. The ideas can be flowing, but efficiency and confidence  are not. Many factors can get in the way of creativity, and I suspect many writers and bloggers have the same problems I've experienced. Five Reasons for Writer's Block and How to Overcome It What Can Block a Writer's Productivity? Many factors influence the craft of writing. Here are five obstacles that like many writers, I've encountered: 1.  Being pulled in many directions Life can be pretty distracting. Daily life responsibilities and even blogging tasks can slow down the process of creating. For example, instead of writing my novel recently, I have been: working on improving the layout of this website.  troubleshooting an issue with the delivery of this blog'

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