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Do Other Writers Have These Thoughts?

(Image by Susan Foster) When my insecurities woke me up one night, I wrote them down... A Writer's Doubts. Are the hours I sit in my chair in front of my computer time well spent? Should I be doing something else instead? Hours go by, and all I do is write. Is this a worthwhile effort?  Should I be doing something else? Do other writers feel the way I do? Do they have feelings of uncertainty and doubt, as they write the minutes of their lives away? Are the words that spray out from my pen ever any good? Are the thoughts I share just commonplace or are they brilliant news? Do people read my work because it draws them in? Or do they read only out of loyalty to me or, worse yet, obligation? Have other writers found my work because it’s too good not to read,  or simply because I left a comment on one of their own stories and they want to return the favor? What would I be doing if I wasn’t writing? Should I be spending such vast quantities of time on this? Perhaps these questions are of

A Long Winter Can be a Writer's Best Friend

(Image by Susan Foster) Winter sometimes seems to drag on forever in Montana - especially if one is not involved in winter sports. This year is no exception. Normally, our winters are filled will lots of blue skies and sunny days. But this year we've had more of our share of grey.  The upside of all this is that it's not as tempting to be outside and allows for more writing to get done. What season makes it easiest for you to write or accomplish tasks without outside distractions?

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