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Dear Writer, Are You Struggling? Maybe These Tips Will Help.

(Image by Susan Foster) If, like me, you are immersed in the process of writing a novel, I have a few suggestions that may help you as much as they've helped me. Don't Do This Alone When I first began writing a novel, it was a solitary process.  Just me, some craft books to study,  a jumble of online courses, podcasts, and author newsletters. (More on those in a bit.) Fortunately, in the time since I began, my support system has grown immensely, largely as a result of my joining the Women's Fiction Writer's Association .  Tip #1. Join a Writing Association I've praised the Women's Fiction Writer's Association in the past, and now I'm going to do it again. The membership fee is very reasonable and has been the most worthwhile investment I've made on my path towards becoming a novelist. Here are just a few of the benefits I've enjoyed since joining: Zoom Write-In Dates (Accountability and I've made good friends here)   A huge number of webinar

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